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The Corner Office

by Max Zuckerman

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Amanda B. Reckonwith
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Amanda B. Reckonwith Current Retro Future Favorite track: Wakai Tsubame.
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atnightandatnight It might be a soundtrack to a Bret Easton Ellis novel.
Noah Wilson
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Noah Wilson An overall dark sense of humor pervades "The Corner Office" with tunes like "Gaijin" being the least Politically Correct song I've heard since Fagen waxing poetic about young girls on either of his last two solo albums. Or lines like, "I gave the devil what I promised for the corner office" taking a very pointed (and funny) dig at Capitalism, a la Becker and Fagen. I can't get over how good this is, and I hope everyone takes a listen. Easily the best album of 2020, and I'm saying this in April. Favorite track: Gaijin.
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WAKAI TSUBAME Drove the S class down the Costa Del Sol Just a way to pass the time Stopped for tapas at the Maro Beach Café Another meal on her dime So the lady’s nearly twice my age But getting old is not a crime She buys me the nicest shit That’s why I just won’t quit Let’s see how long this thing can last And late at night after I work her hard I use her credit card Fair trade, no questions asked Takes siesta with her usual pills A double dose and she goes down It gives me time to take a moment for myself And have a late night on the town Another daybreak at the discotech Bottle service all around I just found my first grey hair I hope she doesn’t care Oh but the years go by so fast You know I’ve seen her eyeing younger boys Shiny new toys Strong, sturdy, and built to last Wakai Tsubame, Wakai Tsubame They all think I’ve got no sense of shame That’s why they know me by a very special name Wakai Tsubame, Wakai Tsubame I don’t care what all the people say That’s how it goes, you’ve got to pay to play the game She believes it’s time to go our separate ways There’s a line drawn in the sand Pack my bags and grab a case of Chardonnay I guess she found a younger man Never should have put me in her will A mistake to force my hand I’ll commit a mortal sin Just to get my chips cashed in Sometimes breaking up is hard And they say, ‘Who would kill a dinosaur?’ I know a dozen more Pool boys, who’d go so far
Gaijin 05:53
GAIJIN I’ve been to Asia I like the cuisine Talk about a good time Talk a bout a scene Don’t have to think too much Take it all in stride Teach a little english You know sake is just like wine Back in the states The girls were so cold Dreaming about the prom queen Man that got a little old But here they smile at me I feel no social pressures Being so much taller I guess the girls just like me better Hey now you’re the one You’re looking younger every single day I’m trying hard to pronounce your name Talking ‘bout that smooth and hairless skin Of your orientalism Almond eyes All dressed up in pink I love the way you blush When we have a drink I wish I understood This look that’s in your eye Don’t even seem to mind too much As I lightly touch your thigh Watashi no kodomo unde kudasai Itsumademo aisuruyo, ojou-chan And I’m obsessed Can’t wait another day I thought that you loved me In your simple way But now you’re leaving me And darling please don’t go I don’t understand your language Mostly when you say no
The Guru 06:37
THE GURU Trouble’s over We will show her A man who cannot lie Looks you in the eye Don’t be frightened Get enlightened A father’s what they seek Pretty little sheep I’m my own worst enemy Beyond the pale I fly, with great abandon So high, I touch the sun Take five, you know the best is yet to come Take my hand Yoga on the sand Close your eyes I’ll show you paradise Your guide in divination Supplies the fantasy Such blind infatuation Grows the family None can reach her Except her teacher Evaporates the fog One more downward dog From tomorrow No more sorrow Pain is all she’s known Confiscate her phone She will be my masterpiece Behind the veil Such sly, indoctrination The mind can’t overcome Don’t hide, there is nowhere left to run Take my hand Yoga on the sand Close your eyes I’ll show you paradise Your guide in divination Sublimes depravity Define disassociation Supply your cavity
AIRPLANE GIRL Bought my ticket on the twelve o’ two Late night to Tokyo It’s become this little thing I do And leave the world far below Pack my sandals and my favorite suit First-class cabin, second row Drinking champagne from a plastic flute It’s the only way to roll When they close the hatch the light goes down The hum of engines is the only sound Then a voice comes on the intercom Who could it be…? She’s my baby She’s my Airplane Girl Lady, let’s travel across the world Baby, you’re my Airplane Girl My leading lady, let’s travel across the world When we finally reach our cruising speed She comes walking down my aisle Asks me if there’s anything I need I lick my lips and think awhile Feeling thirsty and I tell her so She pours me whiskey through the night But what I really want I just can’t tell her You know it wouldn’t be polite She may think I’m just a business man Dismiss this ojisama out of hand But love is not the only thing she needs From a man of means Oh, oh, Baby Your my Airplane Girl Lady, let’s travel across the world
Busy Day 06:26 video
BUSY DAY It’s been a busy day today Bicep curls on the sand He lifts a fifth of Tanqueray To his lips with just one hand He don’t care what lays in store He don’t want to know What this world is all about And there’s always time to spare You can feel it in the air Tonight he’ll keep on heading south Some say he has the perfect life But every sunset brings the tears He has two daughters and a wife He hasn’t spoken to in years Could it be he went astray Looking for a way To feel younger all the time But time keeps rolling like the sea A very busy bee Another drink will ease his mind Please all I need Is a warm ocean breeze And the sun on my skin And a bottle of gin I’ll be gone for a while The sun is deepening his tan A fine patina for his soul He ain’t no pasty office man He prefers his spirits cold When he stares off at the bay For hours of the day At that crisp horizon line He can almost make out words Floating with the birds Tell the sorrow of mankind Please all I need Is a warm ocean breeze And the sun on my skin and a bottle of gin I’ll be gone for a while…
THE CORNER OFFICE The elevator door on the 47th floor Opens to a hall Where portraits line the walls A secretary smiles with sophisticated style She offers you a seat A place to rest your feet And all around the room My orchids are in bloom Cultivated taste It puts you in your place Right angle to the sky What a way to watch the clouds roll by For the few who get this far Champagne, cocaine, and caviar I gave the devil what I promised For the corner office In your mind you’ll see A silhouette of me The artifice defined Hero of our time You watch the hours go Your respect for me just grows I make you sit and wait Until you salivate And when she calls your name You won’t ever be the same Your time has finally come Enveloped by the sun Right angle to the sky There are those who’d have me crucified Envious of my success Abided by their righteousness Because neither Jesus nor the Prophets Got the corner office


GALTTA - 030

VINYL PRESSING BY Adult Oriented Records in Japan. For shipping in Asia go here: citybabyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-corner-office. Only 15 copies for sale through GALTTA!


released March 24, 2020

Max Zuckerman - guitar, bass, keys, vocals
David "Fingers" Lackner - horns, EWI
Nathan Ellman-Bell - drums (1,3,5,6)
Mike Advensky - percussion/ drums (2&4)

Produced by MZ
Midori Nites Studio BK 2019
Mastered by Carl Saff
drums recorded at Aftersound Studios (1,3,5,6)
drums recorded in Mike's basement (2&4)


all rights reserved



GALTTA Brooklyn, New York

Jazz / Minimalism / Outsider Pop

EST. 2010

IG: @galtta_tapes

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